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At RJ Evercrest Polymers, Inc., we offer full-service plastics recycling – from customer service to logistics coordination - and everything in between. The combined total of our two facilities offers 134,000 square feet of usable space. This enables us to process more than 100 million pounds of plastics every year.


We provide recycling for the following plastics:

Product Family [Abbr.] Type
Polystyrene [PS] We recycle the following polystyrene:
Polystyrene is a hard, solid plastic used to make a variety of products including food packaging, electronics, automobile parts, appliances, and more.
Polypropylene [PP] We recycle the following polypropylene:
Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used for toys, food containers, medical bottles, car batteries, and more.
Polyethylene [PE] We recycle the following polyethylene:
Polythylene is the most common plastic used in the world. It is used to make plastic grocery bags, shampoo bottles, toys, garbage cans, bulletproof vests, and more.

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List of our chemical products:

Product Family Type

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